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Ninen Home Improvement Wire Micro Mall is online!
Announcer:格盟泰  Date:2019/11/29 14:46:37  Views:1033

Thank you friends for your support, attention and understanding! We are now implementing a new business model, Micro Mall (Neon Mall: gemt520). The purpose of establishing the Micro Mall is to make it more convenient for high-end people who need high-end electric wires, and enjoy living and living security at their fingertips! Pick up the phone to place an order, and deliver it to your door, quickly and easily. Customers can supply directly from the factory, eliminating fraud by bad businesses. Our mall has nothing other than high-end home improvement wires. We focus on one area so that more friends can enjoy a comfortable life!

(1) Brief introduction of "Neon Micro Mall"

1. Ninen Micro Mall is a high-end home improvement wire mall based on mobile Internet-mobile phone;

2. Run on WeChat and use the big data of 800 million users of WeChat;

3. Quickly develop customers by means of member referrals;

4. You only need to share the forwarding mall link or the exclusive QR code to introduce members to join;

5. As long as you click your link or QR code for the first time, you will be locked as your member for life, without worrying about membership loss and competition;

6, without your investment, purchase, delivery, stocking, checkout, all goods are directly shipped to consumers from the factory headquarters;

7. The headquarters directly delivers products to consumers to ensure that the product quality is genuine and to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products;

8. The headquarters delivers goods directly to consumers, eliminating the need for layers of middlemen, and the price is more affordable;

9. The headquarters directly delivers the goods to consumers, and returns all the reasonable profits between the ex-factory price and the sales price to the agent;

10. You only need to submit an application to become a mall agent (agent number: gemt520);

(II) Profit distribution

1. You only need to submit an application, and the system will automatically generate your unique and unique QR code;

2. Any fan who successfully purchases through your QR code or promotion (assume A) will become your first-level member, and the system will directly return a 10% commission to your account based on a single sales amount;

3. Through the QR code or promotion of A, the successfully purchased fan (assume B) will become your second-level member, and the system will directly return a 4% commission to your account based on the single sales amount;

4. Through the QR code or promotion of B, the successfully purchased fans (assume C) will become your third-level member, and the system will directly return a 1% commission to your account based on the single sales amount;

5. As long as others click the link or QR code for the first time, they will be your member for life. Even if the subordinate cancels it, they will still be your member, so there is no need to worry about membership loss and competition.

6. Attentions for cash withdrawal. The financial settlement date of the mall is from the 10th to 15th of each month. The mall agent can submit an application to the headquarters in the 'Personal Center' for cash withdrawal at this time. The cash withdrawal will not be made at other times. The cash withdrawal amount is 50. Yuan lifting

(B) points distribution

1. Pay attention to winning points. If you pay attention for the first time but have not applied for an agent, the system will automatically give you 100 points for meeting gifts;

2. Easily earn points for purchase. As long as you are a member of the mall, when you purchase goods, you first top up the membership card, and then choose to use the membership card for checkout, you will get points, and every time you spend one yuan, you will get 0.2 points. More points, more points!

3. Quick promotion to win points. Everyone who becomes a fan through your promotion will automatically reward you with 30 points. The more fans accumulate the more points;

4. You can submit the renderings of home improvement to our headquarters for review. After passing the review, upload them to the decoration gallery for owners' reference to win points. Each successful rendering will have 50 points.

5. The forum wins points. You can win decoration points by posting decoration posts in the decoration forum. Posting a post rewards 10 points, the poster rewards 5 points, and the poster reposts 5 points again.

6, points conversion, 1 point is equal to 0.1 yuan. Points cannot be exchanged for cash withdrawals;

7. Points can be redeemed for gifts at the personal center in the mall and the point redemption area; when the mall is engaged in activities, it can be converted into cash to purchase goods. Points cannot be transferred. The right of final interpretation belongs to Gementai;

8. Points redemption gifts include: mini selfie artifacts, exquisite home accessories, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Dubai tours;

(4) Simple and fast market occupation

1. All products in the mall have detailed product introductions, no need to be familiar with product knowledge;

2. After you successfully apply to become an agent, you will start to share, WeChat, QQ space, etc., so that more of your friends will know that you are acting as a Ninone Mall;

3. Find the QQ group, WeChat group or designer group related to home improvement and find precise customers;

4. Send the promotion on time and amount. If it fails to open, please use (gemt520) for promotion attention.

5. Thick accumulation and thin accumulation. Through daily accumulation, natural income doubles;

Ninen—pursue a better quality of life!

When a person can look for elegance and pursuit of quality for his soul, then we should fully discover that he has been fulfilled materially and spiritually! Everyone desires to live and work in peace and contentment, and enjoys the spiritual satisfaction, so that they have no worries, only "Neon" gives you! Also the highest and best quality in life! So we can't just hang quality on our lips, but we must do it for real. "Neon" is the guarantee of your quality and safety!

Ninen ~ comes from Europe and serves the world!

Beautiful hotline: 400-800-2845 WeChat public number: gemt520