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Ninen brand nylon sheathed wires popularize knowledge
Announcer:格盟泰  Date:2019/11/29 14:45:59  Views:960

China's wire and cable industry is affected by the large-scale domestic real estate and engineering construction, and the market development prospects have been optimistic. At present, the majority of domestic home renovations, hotel renovations, and commercial clubs use ordinary PVC insulated wires for electrical wiring. However, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the increasing awareness of safety and environmental protection, people not only pursue the use value of electric wires, but also pay more attention to the practical value of electric wires, and put forward higher requirements for the durability and safety performance of electric wires. . It is clear that ordinary PVC insulated wires can no longer meet the growing needs of people, so breaking through the restrictions on the development of wire and cable technology and developing a new type of superior wire products will replace it, which will become a technical inflection point in the wire and cable industry!

In recent years, in the domestic wire and cable market, nylon sheathed wires have suddenly emerged as a new darling in the wire and cable industry. Compared with ordinary PVC insulated wires, the main difference is that a thin layer of high temperature, lubricity and high performance nylon is wrapped on the wire surface. This innovative change has made nylon sheathed wires have superior performance and characteristics of ordinary PVC insulated wires, and has been praised by industry experts as the "star of hope" in the future home improvement wire market.

First of all, ordinary PVC insulated wires do not have a sheath layer that plays a role in safety protection, so its guarantee of safety performance such as heat resistance and cold resistance will be very low. When heated, it can easily swell, crack, or even catch fire.

Nylon sheathed wire has good thermal stability. Nylon has only two forms of glassy state and viscous fluid state. There is no high elastic state, and there is no obvious deformation at high temperature of 150 ℃. Therefore, heat resistance is 180 ℃, which is 51.1% higher than ordinary PVC wires. In addition, nylon also has high cold resistance, and the cold resistance reaches -50 ° C. Such a nylon protective layer improves the overall heat and cold resistance of the wire, especially improves the transient overheating deformation performance or in a supercooled environment, reducing the potential safety hazards that ordinary PVC would burst.

Secondly, many workers in the decoration company complained that using ordinary PVC insulated wire, because it has no elastic strength, it is easy to bend when the pipe is worn, and the PVC insulation is very easy to be damaged by friction. The key is that the copper conductor is damaged due to distortion It is very easy to generate heat in the damaged place when the power is turned on, and the short circuit of the wire is the root cause of the fire. It is not conducive to the work and electricity safety of construction workers.

If the new nylon sheath line is used, this trouble is eliminated. The nylon sheath wire itself has lubricity and good physical and mechanical properties. Its tensile strength is more than 5.5 times of polyvinyl chloride, and it has good abrasion resistance. This increases the surface mechanical strength and surface hardness of the nylon sheath line, so the nylon sheath is also called "soft armor" It can reduce the friction factor on the surface of the wire, facilitate the construction of the wire through the pipe, prevent the damage of the wire, and greatly improve the construction efficiency and work quality. And the density of nylon is only 82.9% of PVC. In addition, the thickness of PVC insulation is reduced after the application of nylon sheath, which reduces the weight of nylon sheath wire and the outer diameter of the finished product, reducing the labor intensity of construction. .

Third, for users, the significance of using nylon sheathed wires is even more significant. Ordinary PVC wires are easy to wear, and the tensile strength is not enough. Due to the pulling force of the installer during installation, the PVC and copper conductors are virtually damaged. In long-term use, the service life is not long, only about 10 years, and It is prone to leakage and short circuit, which brings great safety risks to family life. Relevant authoritative statistics show that there are about 40,000 fires caused by electrical reasons such as short circuits, overloads, and electrical equipment failures in China every year, with an average of about 109.7 fires per day, accounting for the highest number of fire causes. The fire is ruthless. It can burn a hard fire and accumulate valuable wealth for half a lifetime, devour a happy and happy family, and create an astonishing human tragedy. Life is precious. When I realized that if I chose a reliable quality nylon sheath line, I could avoid these disasters. In the face of the raging fire at home, would there be any real pain? Who would give up because of the expensiveness of nylon sheathed wires? No matter how expensive, can it be more expensive than the wealth of life and the life of the family?

Nylon sheathed wire is expensive, so "value for money". Its nylon layer has no obvious heat shrinkability, while polyvinyl chloride has obvious heat shrinkability. The combination of nylon sheath and polyvinyl chloride insulation significantly reduces the heat shrinkability of nylon sheathed wires, reduces the exposed part of the conductor at the connection between the wire and other electrical appliances, and improves the safety of the line. Tested by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the current resistance of nylon sheathed wires is 27.3% higher than that of ordinary PVC insulated wires. Therefore, it can effectively solve the accidents caused by fire and electric shock caused by the defects of ordinary wires. And the nylon polyamide has an amide group on the main chain, which has good light aging resistance and a service life of up to 40 years.

In addition, polyvinyl chloride swells, ages, or cracks under the action of grease. Nylon is resistant to most non-polar solvents such as oil, hydrocarbons, and lipids, and has a fairly stable effect on alkali, which greatly widens the nylon sheath The scope of the line. Nylon sheathed wire also has the superior safety performance of termite and rat bite resistance, which is 41.1% better than ordinary PVC wires, and does not pose any harm to the surrounding environment and human health. It is environmentally friendly and anti-radiation. It is a power supply for home decoration equipment. The best use of thread is a symbol of luxury homes.

Because of so many superior properties of nylon sheathed wires, the United States and Canada have been widely used in various buildings and homes as far back as half a century ago. Now most of the developed European countries have also started to popularize nylon sheathed wires. In contrast to the domestic wire and cable market, the penetration rate of nylon sheathed wires is still very low. The main reason is that people lack sufficient knowledge of nylon sheathed wires. The second is that people have been accustomed to purchasing and using ordinary PVC wires for a long time. The third is nylon sheathing. The cost of the wire is slightly higher than the ordinary PVC wire. However, we can predict that in the near future, the replacement of ordinary PVC insulated wires by nylon sheathed wires is not only a technological innovation, but also an inevitable trend of market demand, which will soon be accepted by users.

Dongguan Gementai Cable Co., Ltd. first sniffed out the infinite energy contained in it. Rather than fiercely compete with other manufacturers in the red sea of ordinary PVC insulated wires, it is better to open up business opportunities in the blue sea of nylon sheathed wires. Therefore, Gementai Company, which has been engaged in foreign trade business for many years, focuses on scientific research and sales forces, focuses on subdivision, details, and carefulness. It is committed to doing exquisite products and considerate services. It is deeply rooted in the nylon sheath line in China. Nearly blank market, one step at a time, opened a new chapter for China's high-end home improvement line!

First of all, Gementai Company was the first to introduce European and American standards in China, and successfully obtained the product production execution standards issued by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. It independently developed green, environmentally friendly and healthy new home improvement wires-nylon sheathed wires, with the model number BVN- THHN / THWN. The introduction of European and American standards is a manifestation of the corporate social responsibility of Gementai people who are seriously responsible to users. Because European and American standards are stricter and stricter than domestic standards, they are manifested in three aspects:

(1) The domestic standard is to measure the compliance with the resistance of the cross-sectional area. The European and American standards not only require that the resistance meet the standard, but also that the copper core size must meet the standard value. For example, according to European and American standards, the 13AWG wire requires 7 copper strands of 0.69mm and the resistance test is considered to be a qualified product before it can be circulated on the market. According to domestic standards, if 7 copper strands of 0.66mm are used and the resistance is qualified, it can also be regarded as a qualified product and can be mixed in the market, which will bring great hidden dangers to the safety of people's domestic electricity.

(2) The domestic length standard, if the product is 98M, it is regarded as a qualified product. However, the European and American standards are not. The length must be 99.73M to be qualified, and it can be circulated in the European and American countries. Adopting European and American standards, starting from the most fundamental basis, it can eliminate the bad habits of cutting corners and develop the domestic standards and avoid bringing a series of hidden dangers to users.

(3) Nylon is a high-performance plastic, and nylon sheathed wire is a high-quality product. High-quality products require high standards, and conscientious companies must use high standards to make products in order to better display the value of high-end products!

Secondly, the Gementai applied for the self-developed nylon sheath line to the National Trademark Office for registration as a Ninon brand, and applied for a national patent with independent intellectual property rights. The origin of "Ninneng" is that the word "Ni" is taken from the nylon sheathed wire, which makes people intuitively understand that "Ninneng" is the brand of nylon sheathed wire. The word "can" means "positive energy". The use of "nylon" brand nylon sheathed wire can provide you with a steady stream of positive energy. Because only if the safety of your home life is guaranteed and you have no worries, you can focus on your career and concentrate on working hard for your family. The two words "Nineng" together are a homophonic "You can", which reflects a confident spiritual power. Isn't "can you" a powerful motivational self-motivation in today's faithless society? Live and work in peace, you can do it, because you are using Nylon wires!

Third, Nylon brand nylon sheathed wire adheres to the high-end brand line, borrows advanced foreign production experience and technology, uses advanced co-extrusion technology and high-temperature cooling technology, strictly implements the ISO9001 management mode, strengthens quality control, and products are uniform. It has passed CE, CB, SGS, RoHS and other quality certifications from international authorities. Therefore, Nylon brand nylon sheathed wire, whether in terms of quality, appearance, or after-sales service, can be described as superior! High-end life, you can have it, because you are using Nylon wires!

Fourth, because the Nylon brand nylon sheath line is manufactured in accordance with European and American national standards, this is definitely a great opportunity for some wholesalers and distributors to expand the size of the company and increase its honor. Because according to domestic standards, ordinary electric wires basically have a "shortage of two shortfalls" phenomenon. Some say 100m, but actually only 95m, or even shorter; some say copper conductors, which are actually replaced by inferior recycled copper, or even worse. If the consumer bought such a wire, would he patronize your business again? Your company's honor will also be severely hit. Gementai people hereby solemnly promise: Nylon brand nylon sheathed wire is made of 100% pure copper conductor that is not mixed with other materials and 100% in line with international standards. Even the wires have signs from 001 meters to 100 meters. If consumers find that our company's inferior copper and rice are not enough to flow into the market, we will pay one ten. Unlimited business opportunities, you can create, because you are acting on Nine Wires!

Fifth, the reason why nylon sheathed wires have a low penetration rate in the country is that Gementai people are making unremitting efforts in this regard in order to promote Nylon brand nylon sheathed wires. The first is to actively reach out to the major communities in first-tier cities to promote the knowledge of Nylon nylon sheathed wires and increase people's understanding of Nylon wires; the second is to actively contact the dealers and wholesalers in major decoration markets to fully spread out Can brand the sales channel of wires. The third is to do outdoor advertising on the Ninen brand on the bus bodies in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou and other cities in the Pearl River Delta, as well as on the large screens in the CBD area to increase brand awareness. Fashion life, you can enjoy, because you choose Ninen wire!

 Summarizing all the above, the following four sentences are summarized:

High-end, atmospheric, upscale! Luxurious, safe and tasteful! Taste life, Nylon can accompany you! Sturdy products, just need to speak for yourself!

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