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Mid-Autumn Festival holiday arrangements

2018/9/21 16:17:55人浏览

Dear friends, colleagues and new and old customers:


        Another year is deciduous yellow, a layer of autumn rain and a layer of cool. Working hard all day, don't forget to add clothes. Take care of your body and eat more meals, and cherish your friendship. The letter is short-lived and long-lasting, and I hope that my friends will be more well-being. Dongguan Gementai Cable Co., Ltd. wishes you and your family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, family reunion!

        In light of the actual situation, our company will now notify you of the specific arrangements for the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday:

        Rest for a total of 3 days, that is, 22-24 days (22nd and 23rd are Saturday and Sunday, 24th is Mid-Autumn Festival), officially go to work on the 25th, please forgive me if you have any inconvenience!

         I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance, reunion, and pay attention to the weather and travel safely!






                                                      September 21, 2018