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Seven types of flat network jumpers

Seven types of flat network jumpers

Seven types of flat network jumpers, CAT7 FLAT pure copper network cable
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Product Details

Seven types of standard pure copper flat network cables, jumper cables, different lengths and colors can be customized according to requirements, factory direct sales, welcome to negotiate!

CAT 7 flat network jumper, the transmission bandwidth is 6 times that of CAT 5e and 2.4 times that of CAT 6, which can reach 500MHz bandwidth.

Transmission rate: (10Gbps)

Length: any meter

Wire: twisted pair 32AWG pure copper + ground + aluminum foil (double shielded), wire diameter: 2.4 mm * 7.4mm

Connector material: PC

Connector type: RJ45, gold-plated crystal head with copper case. Seiko excellence.

Certification: ISO / IEC 11801; TIA / EIA-568-B.2-1; RoHS

Fully machine pressed, durable

Color & Length: Black Flat / 1-20m Applicable: Connection between computer and switch, hub, ADSL, router, modem and hub, router

5 year long warranty

Packaging: can be customized according to customer requirements.

All products of the company can be customized by OEM, please call 400-800-2845.

Physical details: