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Shielded armored anti-interference network jumper

Shielded armored anti-interference network jumper

Shielded armored anti-interference network jumper
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Product Details

Product name: Gementai shielded Category 6 / Cat.

Product Number: GEMT FTP6 / FTP5

Product gross weight:

Commodity origin: Mainland China

Type: Jumper

Cable length: 1m / 2m / 3m / 5m / 10m / 20m / 30m / 50m / 100m ...

Wiring project: Category 6/5 category network cable with shield

       The shielded network cable is the higher standard network cable in the wiring system so far. It is an upgraded version based on the six types of network cables. It can cover all the standards of the wiring system (including standards of category five, category five, category six, etc.). The double-shielded network cable has a higher standard on the basis that the conduction rate of the super-type 6 network cable reaches 10 Gigabits. It uses total aluminum foil + paired aluminum foil + braided double-layer shielding, which can easily shield all external signal magnetic field interference. It can be applied to any envoy environment, and it is the best choice for wiring in special fields such as military, medical and aviation.


Let's take a look at the latest detailed network cable connection instructions

In the 21st century Internet era, we can't do without the Internet, and the connection of the network cable and how to learn how to make the network cable have become the urgent knowledge of many novices. In fact, the network cable connection method is not complicated. After understanding the network cable sequence, everything is solved.

OK, let ’s learn how to make a network cable, of course, if you already have a network cable making tool like a cable crimping tool in your hand

There are two standards for network cable crystal heads. The standards are TIA / EIA 568B and TIA / EIA 568A. To make the crystal head, first place the side of the crystal head with the card facing down, the side with the copper sheet facing up, and the side with the opening facing your body. The order from left to right is 12345678. Below are TIA / EIA 568B and TIA / EIA 568Av. Network cable sequence (preferably 568B network cable connection method):

TIA / EIA-568B: 1, white orange, 2, orange, 3, white green, 4, blue, 5, white blue, 6, green, 7, white brown, 8, brown

TIA / EIA-568A: 1, white green, 2, green, 3, white orange, 4, blue, 5, white blue, 6, orange, 7, white brown, 8, brown

All products of the company can be customized by OEM, please call 400-800-2845.

      A wiring method is used in the entire network wiring, but the network connection with RJ-45 plugs at both ends is universal in the network whether it is using termination method A or termination method B. The order of the twisted pairs corresponds to the pin number of the RJ45 header.

The 10M Ethernet network cable connection method uses 1, 2, 3, and 6 core wires to transmit data, and the 100M Ethernet network cable uses 4, 5, 7, 8 core wires to transmit data. Why are 4 twisted pairs (8 cores) now used? This is mainly to adapt to more scopes of use, and to meet the requirements of various types of user equipment's network cable connection without changing the infrastructure. For example, we can use one pair of twisted wires to realize voice communication at the same time.

The provisions of 100BASE-T4 RJ-45 for twisted pair network cable connection are as follows:

1, 2 are used for transmission, 3, 6 are used for reception, 4, 5, 7, 8 are bidirectional lines.

1, 2 wires must be twisted, 3, 6 twisted, 4, 5 twisted, 7, 8 twisted.

Physical details: