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Hongyue North Copper Import Mine Transport Has New Moves
Announcer:格盟泰  Date:2019/11/29 14:47:30  Views:1064

At 8 o’clock in the morning on June 8, as a Panamanian giant birdship full of copper concentrate imported by Canon Co., docked on Huludao Port on time for Huludao Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd. With the berth No. 2 set up, Huludao Nonferrous Metals ushered in a historic moment, marking the official opening of the company's imported gold waterway. This is a major shift in the company's operating strategy. It is only 6 kilometers from Huludao Port to Huludao Nonferrous Production Plant, and it can be shortened to 5 kilometers after the opening of the East Gate. It is of great and far-reaching significance for the company to efficiently meet production and supply, reduce operating costs, improve economic benefits, and enhance corporate competitiveness, and further highlight the company's location advantage.

Huludao Nonferrous Metals has actively promoted the transfer of imported mines from Jinzhou Port to Huludao Port after having tasted the sweetness of transferring imported mines from Qinhuangdao Port to Jinzhou Port. As early as on the eve of the Spring Festival, Hu Hongdao Nonferrous Shareholders and Hongyue Group Chairman Yu Hong and Huludao Nonferrous Leaders at all levels proceeded from the company's current production operations and future long-term development, and fully promoted and actively coordinated the transfer of imported mines to Huludao Port. This work has received the full support and assistance of Huludao City, Shenyang Customs, Huludao Customs, Huludao City Commodity Inspection Bureau, Huludao Maritime Bureau, and Huludao Port to ensure that the company has completed the relevant formalities and approvals smoothly and efficiently. Essential qualifications. The Huludao Nonferrous Metals Operating Company and the Ministry of Commerce and Transportation have carefully implemented the company's work deployment on "the company's imported ore business is transferred to Huludao Port", completed the docking of all links of cargo ships entering the port and the establishment of a complete set of work processes, especially the company The company has obtained the advanced customs certification of the enterprise, which enables the company to enjoy the convenience of customs clearance at Huludao Port, such as enjoying a lower inspection rate of imported and exported goods, and preferential handling of customs clearance procedures for imported and exported goods, greatly improving the efficiency of customs clearance and realizing the rapid and efficient entry of imported mines into the plant. By transferring to the port, the company's freight per ton of ore can drop by 50 yuan. As the company's production momentum becomes stronger, its production capacity continues to increase, and its cumulative benefits are even more impressive.

Hu Ruidao Nonferrous Metals Operation Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wang Ruimin, Minister of Commerce and Transportation, Han Hui and other leaders led salesmen to carry out customs duties, quarantine inspection, and copper mine unloading in accordance with various regulations after the company's first foreign trade vessel arrived at the port. Leaders and staff such as Liu Yuhua, vice president of Huludao Port Group, actively assisted the company in coordinating. Liu Yuhua said that Huludao Nonferrous Foreign Trade Cargo Ships are nearing the port, and we are just as good as our own enterprises to serve Huludao Nonferrous Metals and fully support the development of enterprises. The enterprises and ports rely on each other, promote each other, and upgrade together. Driven by the development of Huludao, Huludao City's customs-related enterprises will also transfer related trade and business to Huludao Port. Hong Kong enterprises will work together to increase the total economic volume, which will definitely promote the economic development of Huludao City.

After the bird ship is fully loaded, Canonco's imported copper concentrate is expected to be shipped to the Huludao Nonferrous Metals Plant in the near future after completing the procedures of inspection, port, customs declaration, tax payment, customs clearance, and release.