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The main problems in the quality of wire and cable products
Announcer:格盟泰  Date:2019/11/29 15:05:26  Views:1225

Wires and cables, as carriers for transmitting electrical energy, information, and achieving electromagnetic energy conversion, play a pivotal role in national defense, science and technology, information fields, industrial and agricultural production, and people's daily lives. Although the structure of wire and cable products is relatively simple, its quality is directly related to the healthy development of the national economy and the safety of people and property, so its performance requirements are high. So, what is the status quo of the quality of wire and cable products? Four words: not optimistic.

1. The legal awareness of production enterprises is weak, and economic benefits are given priority. Some production companies believe that obtaining a production license or "3C" certification has a shield. They can do whatever they want, cut corners, and do everything possible to reduce costs, producing inferior or substandard products.

2. Subject to disorderly market competition and blind consumption