Nylon sheathed cables (THHN / THWN / THW)
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"Nineng" brand nylon sheathed wire

"Nineng" brand nylon sheathed wire
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Product Details

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Q / GMT 1-2013


Product Features

1. Rated voltage: 300 / 500V, 450 / 750V

2. Working temperature: -65 ~ + 105 ℃

3. Conductor: stranded copper wire

4. Insulation: PVC + nylon

5. Color: Red / Yellow / Blue / White / Black / Yellow / Green / Brown etc.

Product advantages

1. Nylon thread has superior safety properties such as termite resistance, rat bite resistance and good heat resistance (heat resistance up to 180 degrees Celsius).

2. Nylon wire has no harm to the surrounding environment. It is green and environmentally friendly. It is the best line for power supply and lighting of home decoration equipment. It is a symbol of luxury housing!

3. It has light weight and smooth appearance. Because nylon itself has lubricity, the threading is not easy to be scratched, it is easy to lay the pipe, and it brings convenience and economy to the installation.

4. Nylon is used as the sheath, which has a beautiful appearance, small heat-resistant deformation, and excellent thermal stability.

5, with high mechanical strength and excellent wear resistance, cold resistance, surface hardness, flexural strength, impact strength, chemical resistance, oil resistance, gasoline resistance and self-lubrication (cold resistance-50 degrees Celsius).

6. Upgrading products for home improvement wires: Commonly used in the United States and Europe, nylon sheaths effectively solve fire accidents caused by common wire and cable defects.

7. According to the US experience and domestic tests, the service life of nylon wires is twice that of ordinary PVC insulated wires, which can reach more than 40 years.


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