Nylon sheathed cables (THHN / THWN / THW)
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"Can" brand nylon sheath wires

"Can" brand nylon sheath wires
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Product Details

Nylon sheathed wire

Product model:


Execution standard:

JB/T 10261-10261 "rated voltage up to and including 450/750 PVC insulated nylon sheathed wire and cable,

Product features

1, the rated voltage: 300/500 v, 450/750 v

2, work temperature: 65 ~ + 105 ℃

3, guide: twisted copper wire

4, unique edge: PVC + nylon

5, yan color: red/yellow/blue/white/black/green/brown, etc

Characteristics of the use

1, easy to wear tube. Wire diameter, wear pipe friction coefficient was decreased.

2, increase the wire tube thread capacity. Wire diameter is small, the same size of the catheter can be inserted more wires or carrying capacity is big.

3, excellent wear resistance when reduce the wire wear tube and installation of insulation damage. It is very important, can effectively reduce the latent type of short circuit accident hidden trouble.

4, excellent hydrocarbon resistance, good chemical stability, which has excellent resistance to oil, liquefied petroleum gas and gas corrosion performance, effectively improves the reliability and service life of the wire cloth (aging performance test show that compared to the original use of nylon wire type PVC wire and the service life of at least double 40 or more years).

5, safety performance is high. By the test of nylon wire with good thermal stability and thermal shrinkage performance. This will be conducive to avoid overheating and ground wire insulation contraction copper wire leading to the possibility of fault.

6, has the ability to withstand considerable short-circuit current, 5 seconds short-circuit withstand temperature is higher than that of ordinary PVC type. This is because there are the nylon sheath, and nylon melting point is 215 ℃.

7, have the same flame retardant with PVC insulation performance. According to concerning an expert experiment, the release of the burning of toxicity is far less than PE.

8, name of manufacturer, model, voltage grade of product between logo printed on PVC insulated nylon sheathed, mark clear, rubbing.


Product specification

"Neon" trademark registration certificate