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China's first non-ferrous metal industry's first carbon reduction report released
Announcer:格盟泰  Date:2019/11/29 14:24:58  Views:1054

Chinalco Corporation ’s 2016 carbon reduction report released by the company on the 13th showed that the company ’s total energy consumption in the year fell by 4.76% year-on-year, and the energy savings reached one million tons of standard coal.

The report shows that Chinalco's total energy consumption in 2016 was 2019 tons of standard coal, a year-on-year decrease of 4.76%; carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 8.47% year-on-year; nitrogen oxide emissions decreased by 15.63% year-on-year. The current price of 10,000 yuan output value energy consumption decreased by 0.76% year-on-year. The company's energy saving in 2013-2015 exceeded one million tons of standard coal for three consecutive years, and completed the fourth term assessment of the SASAC and the energy saving and emission reduction targets of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" in advance.

Ge Honglin, chairman of Chinalco, said that it is necessary to start with itself and promote new development concepts, and implement measures to address global climate change in the industry and in enterprises.

On the same day, Chinalco launched a "Joint Carbon Reduction Initiative" jointly with China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, COSCO Shipping, Geely Automobile and other supply chain partners and other social institutions. According to reports, through four years of efforts, Chinalco's joint carbon reduction action plan will comprehensively improve the company's energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon reduction work by 2020, ensure that the company's carbon dioxide emissions reach the industry-leading level, and achieve effective total carbon emissions Control and achieve scientific management of carbon assets.